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Title Insurance Services


Your real estate purchase may be one of your largest investments. Title insurance makes sure that your investment is protected from claims or restrictions that could result in legal issues or even the loss of your property.

Hidden risks are potential title problems, which even the most scrupulous examination by the most experienced team of title search professionals may not uncover until months or even years after a property is sold. The end result can be loss of property, costly lawsuits and, of course, delayed closings.

For much less than a costly lawsuit and legal fees, Owner's Title Insurance is your best protection against the unforeseen. We offer coverage, at a one time nominal cost, for both Lenders and Owners.

Examples of Hidden Risks:

Lender's Coverage is usually required by your Lender and insures only the Lender's interest against title defects. It protects the Lender in case the Lender becomes the owner of the property upon foreclosure.

Owner's Coverage is intended to protect you - the property owner - from defects in title that could have significant impact on your interest in the property and its marketability of title. 

A one-time premium, paid when you purchase your property, protects you from title defects for as long as you own the property. And in many cases, even after you have sold it. The title insurer will defend claims at no cost to you, whether the claims are valid or not.